InuMore or Chicory pulp is a byproduct in extraction of Inulin from chicory roots. Chicory is a a perennial herb and a nutritious alternative food source of livestock, rich in both protein & minerals. Inumore contains nutrients ranging from carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, soluble fiber, trace elements to bioactive phenolic compounds. Inumore provides various nutritive, prophylactic, and therapeutic qualities as an additive to animal feed. InuMore enhances Animal nutrition with its antiviral, antibacterial,anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic, antifungal, anthelmintic (de-worming), immune-stimulating, and antihepatotoxic and its antioxidative qualities. Inumore is also highly palpable by livestock. InuMore is a natural Organic carrier - InuMore pulp has a very high water-yielding capacity (8-10 grams / gram pulp). This makes the product extremely suitable as an organic carrier for moist and liquid feed products.

Animal Beneficial effects


Livestock & Ruminants

1. Promotes weight gain
2. Reduction of antibiotics
3. Improvesfecal passage and manure formation,
4. Dewormig effect (due to presence of sesquiterpene lactones)
5. Increasing calcium absorption


1. Decreased blood serum lipids.
2. Increased SCFA production.
3. Increased mineral absorption, improved bone quality.




1. Higher total number and more diverse bacteria population.
2. Stimulation of intestinal growth.


1. Reduced nitrogen excretion (‘reduced pollution’).
2. Protection against dysentery.
3. Positive change of gut microbiota.




1. Improved fermentative activity.
2. Higher SCFA production, lower gut pH.
3. Increased protein digestibility.