FOS is generally known as Fructooligosachhrides or oligofructose. FOS is found in trace amounts as natural components in fruits, vegetables and honey, largely popular as a sweetener across various industry verticals. Inulite InuFos range is a 100% natural sweetener made from completely natural sources. InuFOS range of products is specifically developed as a sugar alternative, exhibiting sweetness levels between 40% to50% of sugar in commercially prepared syrups. InuFOS is prepared from water based extraction of chicory root thus keeping it completely natural and safe for food products.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

1.  100% Natural, Sugar Alternative

Low Calorie Sweetener

2.  Digestive Health

Keep your gut healthy, feed the good bacteria

1.  Mineral Absorption

Enhances absorption of Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper, Iron & Zinc

1.  Non Carcinogenic

Reduces precancerous growth in colon


1. Sweetness :

InuFos exhibits sweetness about one third of sucrose, deliver small amount of energy, estimated to be 1.5kcal/g (16). It can be used in various kinds of foods instead of sucrose to avoid excessive sweetness.

2. Highly Hygroscopic – Moisture retention:

InuFos provides high moisture retaining capacity, preventing excessive drying, and a low water activity, which is convenient in controlling microbial contamination.

3. Food formulations:

InuFos is used a sweetener, bulking agent in Fruit jam products, Ice cream, fruit juice beverages, confectionery& Fortified fruit beverages.

4. Liquid sweetener:

InuFos has widevariety of applications in syrup form in biscuits, cookies & other bakery products to provide nutritional and technological benefits.

5. Industry wide applications:

Bakery, Dairy, Nutraceuticals (Baby Food), Food & Beverages, Pharma…

Form Products Purity Solubility Sweetness Avg. DP Origin Usage
InuFos HP >>=95% Highly Soluble @room temperature ~35% - 40% 2~10 Natural Bakery, Pharma, Nutraceuticals, Dairy, Humectant, Sweetener
InuFos IN >>=55% Highly Soluble @room temperature ~40% - 50% 2~10 Natural Bakery, Pharma, Nutraceuticals, Dairy, Humectant, Sweetener


Side Effects & Safety

InuFos is POSSIBLY SAFE in adults and children. Inulite – InuMore (Animal Feed Additives)