Inulin is a soluble dietary fibre, found naturally in many plants. Inulin belong to the class of non-digestible Oligosaccharides and Polysaccharides called Fructans(polymers of fructose). Indigestible to human beings, as chains of fructose molecules it travels to the lower gut and functions as Prebiotic or food for good bacteria in your gut. Inulin is known to have many health benefits, including improvement of GI function, weight & energy management, improved calcium absorption, better heart health and accelerated mineral absorption. Hence, FiberliiteTM Inulin brings to you a promise of good health with host of proven benefits.

Health benefits


Natural Prebiotic

Improves Digestive health


Low calorific value

Helps in Weight & Energy Management


Stronger Bones

Better calcium absorption


Healthy Heart

Low LDL cholesterol and triglycerides


Diabetic Fit

Helps control blood sugar


Immunity booster

Acts as a natural immune booster for all ages


Our Fiberliite range of productsare100% NaturalInulinspecifically designedforfat & sugar replacement. With specific consumer demands driving the taste & texture of the end products, we have a range of highly specialized products that fit naturally in your product recipes.


1.    Bakery

Cookies, Biscuits, Breads (Brown/white/grains)

2.    Beverages

Instant beverages, soy drinks, flavored water, Low calorie beverage, Breakfast Cereals and Cereal Bars

3.    Confectionary

Low sugar snacks and candies. Sugar free chocolates.

4.    Dairy products

Yoghurts, Drinkable yoghurts, cultured liquid milk, flavoured milk and cheese

5.    Healthcare Nutrition

Dietary supplements tablets, medical nutrition, meal replacement products, Prebiotics sachets

6.    Ice Cream

Low fat ice-creams, flavored ice-creams

7.    Savory

Pasta, noodles, low fat and calories ready to eat meals, soups and sauces.

8.    Indian Delicacies

Mishthi Doi, Dahi, Atta premixes, Lassi, Payasam, Chikki and much

Fiberliite Range of Products

Form Products Purity Solubility Sweetness Avg. DP Origin Usage
Granulated Powder
Fiberliite HP >=95% Dispersible @room temp. Highly soluble @high temp. (>=50°C) 0% ~40 Natural Bakery Products, Fat Replacement, Meat Products
Fiberliite IN >=92% Highly Soluble @room temperature 10% ~20 Natural Bakery, Dairy, Animal Feed, Health supplements, Filler/Binder
Liquid Fiberliite LQ >=90% Highly Soluble @room temperature 20% ~10 Natural Humectant, Tablet coating, Bakery, Dairy


Side Effects & Safety

Inulite Inulin is POSSIBLY SAFE in adults and children when used appropriately by mouth. Using too much inulin may cause stomach problem.

Special Precautions & Warnings

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Inulite Inulin is POSSIBLY SAFE in pregnant and breast-feeding women when consumed in food. Appropriate dosage can be taken after consulting medical practitioner.


Functional claims

FiberliiteInulin as Animal Feed Additive – recommended composition

1. Pet food

1 to 10kg, preferably 3 to 8kg/T depending on the application

2. Piglets

1 to 3kg/T

3. Chicks for growth

1 to 3kg/T

4. Laying hens

500g to 1kg/T

5. Rabbits

1 to 5kg/T

6. Turkeys

1st 8 weeks: 1 to 1,5kg/T

7. Calves

1kg to 3kg/T

8. Horses

2 to 5kg/T